When the rain comes in from the South, the beacons wander closer to Brecon

25×12 – A call to Arms

Posted October 25, 2012 at 9:56 am

 Below is a press release we’ve just issued. The e-petition to trigger a debate in

 Parliament has succeeded in gaining the 100,000 signatures required, (but if you haven’t yet signed it, please do…)


If you care about the price of a pint, please contact your MP TODAY and ask him to attend the debate on the 1st November and vote for a review of the iniquitous Beer Duty Escalator that continues to severely damage our Industry.


Local MP urged to show support for local beer and pub trade


A local brewery is urging Brecon and Radnor MP Roger Williams to show their support for the Welsh brewing and pub trade in Parliament next week, following the granting of a vital debate on the huge tax burden being faced by the industry.


The debate in Parliament calls on the Government to review its controversial “beer tax escalator” policy, which has seen the tax on beer rise by a staggering 42 per cent since it was introduced in March 2008, yet has yielded only an additional 10% revenue to the Treasury. The debate is to take place next Thursday, 1st November. 


Buster Grant of Brecon Brewing says the debate shows the huge scale of concern about brewing and pubs and the vital role they play in our local economy. A petition signed by over 100,000 people has been the catalyst for action, after a national campaign backed by the Society of Independent Brewers, of which Brecon Brewing is a member, as well as the Association of Welsh Independent Brewers and CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.


Buster Grant says that if the Government abandons plans for further big tax hikes, jobs and pubs could be boosted in this area.  He said, “There are some 65 breweries now in Wales, directly employing many hundreds of people, and supporting as many as 21 other jobs per employee in the supply chain and hospitality sectors. 


“However, we are dependent on a thriving pub industry in order to sell our beers and any further pub closures will hurt us, as well being a huge social loss to the local community. Tax is now over a pound a pint in the pub and further rises are just not sustainable. 


“I hope Roger Williams and other MPs will heed our concerns and attend this important debate to support our local pub trade by voting for a review of the beer duty escalator.”




For further information contact Buster Grant at Brecon Brewing on 01874 620 800 or via buster@breconbrewing.co.uk

Beer Tax – more key figures:


•           Beer tax (Duty plus VAT) per pub: £66,500 on average per year.

•           Beer duty increase since March 2008: 42%

•           British Beer Tax is 9 times higher than that of France

•           British Beer Tax is 13 times higher than that of Germany

•           The UK produces 13% of the EU total of beer, yet contributes over 40% of the total EU beer duty revenue.

•           65 Breweries in Wales, up from around a dozen 10 years ago.



Where did the time go?

Posted October 19, 2012 at 4:57 pm

Can it really be a month since the last post? Apologies if it is!


The Genesis 1:iv – Omnia continues to sell well, despite the set-back that is best described as Waverley TBS…


The Green Beacons, brewed with fresh, just picked Fuggles from Little Lambswick Farm near Tenbury Wells in Shropshire has proven to be one of the best Green Hopped beers I’ve had the pleasure of brewing – and what’s more, people who’ve had the pleasure of drinking it agree as well!


In fact, this afternoon I was invited up to the Tenbury Wells Autumn Show to help judge the hops – a surprisingly complex yet pleasurable task – I hasten to add I was expertly guided by two seasoned judges, who took me through the lesser known aspects of hop judging – looking at the faces, cone sizes, colour, density, foreign objects, signs of disease, sides, cuttings, and so on… Then we got down to aroma – well I did! It was a fascinating and instructive hour or so, and I’m delighted to say that Geoff Thompson’s hops from Little Lambswick were crowned the overall champion.


The next Genesis – Genesis 2:i Brecon Sie Deutsch? has been brewed and is now lurking in the Lager Tank at 4 degrees C on a bed of Czech Sladek hops… It will be, when released, a 6.0% HopfenBock, a dark Bock style beer, but beautifully well hopped… [For those keen of eye and fleet of foot, there are six firkins of early release Bock out there this weekend – enjoy if you can! Try Kilverts in Hay, The Star at Talybont or The Tanners Arms at Defynnog…]


Oh yes, and the next batch of Alleycats Amber Ale has begun its long journey towards Taiwan…


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