Pale Ale
4.7% ABV
In harmony with the equinoxes our House Ale provides a flavoursome choice as the hop content alternates between the hemispheres. During the summer months expect a showcase of the Northern Hemisphere's finest hops; but come the Vernal equinox the South(-ern Hemisphere) will rise again! Summer 2018 saw Olicana and Jester from the UK take centre stage whilst Winter 2018/9 heralds the introduction of Green Bullet and Cascade from New Zealand. Our solar guardian rings the changes!
Enjoy with -
You decide - let us know what works well for each vintage, and we'll put the best on our website. SIBA
Bitterness varies, but expect 3 to 4/5
Aroma varies, but expect 3 to 4/5
BALANCE Balanced hoppy
CONTAINS Gluten from Barley and Wheat
Guardian Ale
Milk Stout
4.6% ABV
A luscious Welsh Milk Stout as coal black as our mines! A heady mix of 6 different malts lovingly combined with a generous sprinkling of lactose sugar generates that greater depth of flavour. Junga and Kazbek varieties of hops then reveal intense chocolate and caramel aromas that seamlessly compliment the subtle sweetness of this superb stout.
Enjoy with -
Dark fruit and chocolate puddings. SIBA
Bitterness 1/5
Aroma 3/5
BALANCE Initial sweetness, but drying to a balance
CONTAINS Gluten from Barley, Wheat and Oats
Miner's Ale
Milk Stout
7.5% ABV
A Welsh Golden Ale producing soft malt characteristics dovetailed with a well-balanced yet full, pleasing hop aroma. A distinct floral yet fruity flavour profile is produced from the base mix of Maris Otter Pale Ale and Oat malts expertly combined with top quality Brewers Gold and UK Cascade hops.
Enjoy -
In a balloon glass as a nightcap. SIBA
Bitterness 2/5
Aroma 3/5
BALANCE Initial Sweetness, but drying to a balance
CONTAINS Gluten from Barley, Wheat and Oats
Miner's Imperial Ale
Fruity Amber Ale
4.5% ABV
The rich fruity flavours of this amber ale are amplified by the simple addition of full-bodied raspberries to the CT and several infusions of sublime Earl Grey tea that delicately compliments the fruity hops characteristics of the Simcoe and Celeia varieties. Brewed using an amazing mix of Maris Otter Pale Ale, Cara and Amber malts plus Oats for added body, all rounded out by the soft bitterness produced by Progress.
Enjoy -
Chilled as an aperitif. SIBA
Bitterness 3/5
Aroma 4.5/5
BALANCE Fruity dryness, with hints of Bergamot
CONTAINS Gluten from Barley and Oats
Bwlch Passage
Coffee Best Bitter
4.4% ABV
Uncle Phil is a real character and stalwart down here at Cold Black Label who truly adores his coffee. So we decided to brew this unique ale in his honour – a fine example of Welsh Amber Ale featuring a complex, old-school grist plus the astute use of Target for the bittering. Several infusions of aromatic coffee beans go into each brew (much like every day for Uncle Phil!) and we've finished this beer with Chinook hops for a welcome added zip.
Enjoy with -
Rich chocolate cake. SIBA
Bitterness 4/5
Aroma 4/5
BALANCE Balanced bitter, with hints of coffee
CONTAINS Gluten from Barley and Oats
Uncle Phil's Ale